What You Should Know About Maids

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When it comes to keeping a house, everyone can use an extra hand. Assistance can come in the form of home equipment and gadgets. But you still have to use this equipment. So, in a way, you are doing the work.

Getting a maid is the best way to lend yourself a hand. It would be best if you had another pair of hands like Cleanmaids in Burlington. However, before you get a maid, you have to do some homework.

Top Five Things to Know About Maids

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Employing a maid is a considerable step. You don’t want to get it wrong. Knowing some things about maids will set you on the right path.

Here are the top five things you should know before you employ a maid;

  • Cleaning Companies and Independent Workers

Cleaning companies have maids working for them. When you list their services, they send their employees to you. There are also independent workers. They are not attached to any company. Knowing the pros of cons of both will inform a wise choice.

Getting an independent worker means you have the same person to maintain your home every week. An independent worker also ensures the security of your home.

However, working with a cleaning company guarantees trained workers. Most of the time, cleaning companies train their maids. Cleaning companies also screen their workers to ensure quality service delivery. Cleaning companies are usually insured and licensed.

If you are going for a sole proprietor, ensure to choose well. Get one who is insured and licensed. Getting a bonded proprietor or company helps if anything is damaged in your house.

  • Level of Education and Exposure

The level of a maid’s education and experience will determine how well they can work. Maids are meant to maintain a home and not just to clean. You can have a dust-free house, but it is in disarray.

Maintaining a home requires a depth of diligence beyond cleaning. You do not want a maid who will put your home in danger. Your maid should be familiar with gadgets in the house.

It would help if you got a maid who can read and write. When shopping for things, she can read labels and understand the suitability. For live-in maids, the maid may need to help out with the kids’ assignments. If the maid cannot read and write, this will be a challenge.

What you expect your maid to do will determine the level of education you need. On the base level, the ability to understand written instructions is an essential criterion for the job.

  • Level of experience

We all know that if you perform a task regularly, you get better at it. The same goes for a maid. A maid with years of experience is a better fit for employment. Maintaining a home requires knowledge for it to go smoothly.

Hiring someone with experience puts your mind at rest even when you are not at home. You are sure your properties are safe and intact. Your house will be well cleaned and dusted. Getting the job well done is anchored on experience.

However, the maid you want to employ may not have the level of education and exposure you want. She can learn on the job. As time goes on, she will be grounded in it.

  • Health status

Before employing a maid, you should be sure of their health status. Some people may not be healthy but can perform some tasks. If a maid has an ailment, you may not want to employ her.

However, her health status may not pose a challenge to her job. You can also arrange for regular medical care. If you want to accommodate the maid, you have to be careful. You don’t want someone fainting in your hands.

The best bet is to employ someone with a clean bill of health. You may have specific duties assigned to the maid. That way, she does not have to work above her capacity.


Getting a maid is a necessary decision for most people. However, a lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing one. You have to know about maids to pick the right one. If you use these suggestions above, you will smile at your decision.