How To Help Support Shelters in Pittsburgh

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Shelters over the years have been a lot of help to many people in the transition process or people with troubles ranging from family to mental issues. There are lots of support shelters in Pittsburgh in need of volunteers and donors.

Most shelters in Pittsburgh are non-profit based and help to provide shelter and some basic amenities for people for a short time.

These shelter programs often offer other services such as temporary apartments, healthcare, meals, career counseling, access to job training, and general life training.

Some also offer drug and substance abuse counseling, transport assistance, legal advocacy, and educational programs.

How to help Support Shelters in Pittsburgh?

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You can help support the shelters in Pittsburgh in carrying out their duties and creating a better society. Some of the ways in which you can help are;

1. Offering Voluntary services

A lot of shelter homes are in need of extra hands to help organize activities and help around. You can always check out how to volunteer for shelter homes in Pittsburgh.

You can check out support shelters that offer services that you find interesting. For instance, in support of shelter homes that offer legal counseling advice, lawyers or law students can volunteer.

These are great means to help support shelters in Pittsburgh. Volunteering through your company or by providing services to shelter homes.

For instance, there have been volunteering services by house painters in Pittsburgh supporting some shelter homes.

2. Making donations to shelter homes

This act is another great means of supporting shelters in Pittsburgh. Most shelters prefer monetary donations which are usually quite helpful.

Monetary donations are really valuable for people who are homeless, although there are some shelters that could need other valuable materials.

For instance, during the winter period, most shelters ask for warm clothing donations for the homeless. You can put a call across to the shelter homes directly.

3. Speaking to Government officials

There is no better way than to stress the need for enough resources to be allocated to address the homeless in Pittsburgh.

Although, there has been some success in housing more than five thousand veterans who were homeless in 2014.

Still, officials need to acknowledge the fact that more work has to be done in combating homelessness in Pittsburgh.

4. Requesting for change

There have been lots of campaigns such as the “Asking for change campaign” in partnership with the downtown Pittsburgh ministerium.

The campaign supports the work of local churches that are involved in providing services such as emergency food, crisis counseling, transportation assistance, referral to social service agencies and lots more.

5. Being kind and compassionate towards those that are homeless

This may not look like a means to support but your ability to acknowledge the homeless can make a huge impact. You can simply talk to them and engage in a simple conversation.

It goes a long way to show that you do care. You can check out the shelter’s wishlist on their website or give them some items.

You can give out some clothing or materials you do not require. Your ability to hand out water, energy drink or even fast food can go a long way to show how much you care.

These are a few ways that you can help the shelter homes and the homeless.

What are the available Shelters in Pittsburgh?

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Are you wondering which shelter in Pittsburgh to render your support? Here are a few shelters that will be glad to have your support. We have grouped them according to the category of people they help shelter

1. Shelters For Women

Bethlehem Haven

They provide shelter for women for 60 days and they also provide more services beyond providing shelter.

Such services included; legal clinic for free legal counseling advice, transition housing program for 2 years, medical and mental health advocacy and lots more.

You can contact Bethlehem Haven at their website for more details.

Womanspace East Inc.

They provide single women that are homeless with emergency shelter for 30-60 days. Some of their services include; house bridging, child development program and prevention programs.

Womanspace, Inc.

This shelter provides women who have been victims of domestic violence with shelter for 30 days.

Some of their other services include; legal, medical, and children advocacy, individual and group counseling and transitional housing. You can contact them via their page on Facebook and their hotline.

2. Shelters For Youths

Three Rivers Youth

They provide shelter alongside a great program for runaway or homeless youths. Their program includes; outreach program, residential program and day treatment.

Family links youth emergency shelter(YES)

They provide youths with temporary shelter throughout Pittsburgh and the suburbs. They also house teens from ages 13 to 18 years, especially those at risk of abuse, homelessness or neglect.

Some of their services include drug, alcohol, and mental health counseling, routine medical care, schooling through community and educational centers. For more details, you can contact the family link on their hotline.

3. Shelters For men

East End Cooperative Ministry Men’s Emergency shelter

The shelter provides men from age 18. Their services include a center for mental health, bridge and permanent housing programs, and 24-hours shelter care for adults out of the hospital.

Light of Life Rescue Mission Men’s Recovery Program

The mission provides men from age 18 years with recovery programs such as; counseling, educational, and career advancement program and recreation activities.

How To Apply For The Homeless Shelter?

These steps are dependent on whether you have enough time. If you are homeless and already living on the streets, you can carry out these simple steps;

  • Contact or locate a homeless service provider or shelter within your community.
  • You can apply for a housing counseling agency within your area.
  • Get assistance with home improvement
  • Make sure you have a valid ID.
  • Make an emergency pack.