How Much Should a Live-in Maid Be Paid?

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At some point in time, you might want to hire a maid to help with household chores. If you have little kids or work from home, you need a standby help. You can opt to have a maid.

But getting a live-in maid is the best option in case of necessities. Getting professional maids in Pittsburgh is not a difficult task. But the million-dollar question is how much do live in maids make?

How Much Do Live-In Maids Make?

A lot of factors contribute to the amount a live-in maid receives in Pittsburgh. As such, there is no fixed amount that a live-in maid gets.

Payment largely depends on the kind of work the maid does – the size of the house and the number of people in the house matters. The number of live-out maids in the place, and so on also matters.

Also, when you chose to pay your live-in maid depends on the agreement you have with her. Your maid may decide when and how she will receive her payment. There has to be an agreement between both of you.

Both parties will arrive at what works for both of you. Since the maid lives in the house, such needs as food, rent, and supplies may come with living there. As such, a monthly payment may sit well with her. Payment can be hourly, weekly, monthly, or annually.

  • Annual Salary:

Research reveals that the annual salary of live-in maids in Pittsburgh range between 24,436 and 49,831 dollars. The research further shows that the average pay for a live-in maid is 37,858 dollars.

  • Monthly Salary:

Monthly salary of live-in maids ranges between 2,036 and 4,153 dollars. Their average salary is 3,155 dollars.

  • Weekly Salary:

The weekly earnings of live-in maids in Pittsburgh falls between 470 and 958 dollars. The average earning is 728 dollars.

  • Hourly Salary:

Research conducted on some live-in maids shows that live-in maids earn as low as 12 dollars and as high as 24 dollars. The average earning falls on 18 dollars per hour.

What Determines Your Maid’s Salary

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There is no generally agreed-upon salary for a live-in maid in Pittsburgh. All households are not the same, and so the wages differ. However, several factors determine the amount a live-in maid earns. They include:

1. Duties Assigned To The Maid

The responsibilities you assign to the live-in maid will determine how much you will pay her. Does she clean the whole house alone? How big is your home?

Does she do the laundry, cook, and babysit? Does the live-in maid take care of the household and your kids? If she does everything in the house, her pay will be higher than when she does some of the chores.

2. How Often The Maid Works

The number of days the live-in maid put into the work determines how much the person will receive. How many days in the week does she work? Does she have the weekend off? If she works five days in the week, she will not earn as much as if she has only the Sunday off.

3. The Working Hours

Your live-in maid cannot be on a 24/7 standby. She will need time to regain her strength and resume work. You will provide her with a schedule that spells out her working hours and the duties she will cover within the time.

As time goes on, she will devise means to use the time well. She may work in the mornings and evenings or between 8 am to 4 pm. Her work hours depend on your schedule with her.

4. What You Give The Maid In Kind

What the live-in maid gets in kind can determine how much you pay her. In some homes in Pittsburgh where the live-in maid is young, she goes to school like kids in the house.

She attends occasions and has the same provisions as other children. Where the house owner bears these responsibilities, it will determine her salary.

5. The Benefits The Maid Gets

Free room, feeding, and supplies significantly impact the amount you pay your live-in maid. Since she does not pay for transportation to work and has a freeboard, she will not receive as much a live-out maid.

If she does not contribute to the payment of any bill like electricity, her salary will not be as high as when the reverse is the case. If your live-in maid enjoys these privileges, 60-70% of what you would pay your live-out maid will be fair.

6. The Number Of Live-Out Maids You Have

Do you have live-out maids who share the work with her? Do you have a nanny look after the kids? Do you have a gardener? All of these factors will influence the amount you pay the live-in maid.

How Do You Get A Good Return For Your Money?

It is one thing to have a live-in maid; it is another to have a good return for your money. If the maid does not meet up with your expectations, it will disappoint you. Your maid’s performance depends mostly on some factors, including:

1. The Environment:

Is the environment conducive for your live-in maid? Are you friendly towards her? If you have an amiable disposition and extend a hand of friendship to her, she will feel at home and work well.

2. Respect:

Is your maid respected in your house? Do members of your household treat her with respect? If your kids verbally abuse her, she will develop an aversion to doing her work thoroughly. You don’t want an ineffective sulking maid in your hands.

3. Payment:

Money is always a motivator for a better job. If your maid does not receive her wages on time, she will be discouraged.

4. Clear Instructions:

Give your live-in maid clear instructions and orders. Effective communication is essential to getting the best out of your investment.


There is no fixed salary range for live-in maids in Pittsburgh. Instead, it depends on several factors. An agreement between you and the maid is essential to setting the right amount.